Voice for the deaf

marzo 17, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados, Opinión • Views: 1456

Yesel is a professor. She works in a school for deaf children and also in the University of Costa Rica. She is specialized in special education.

“I have worked as a professor in the school for deaf children and children with disabilities for more or less twenty years now. I also work as a teacher in the University of Costa Rica – I’m for example organizing courses about special education. I also work for Admission department for adapting the general admission test for deaf participants and in many other academic projects in the university. I have been working for the university for twelve years now.

In San Jose and in Costa Rica in general, people lack information about deaf people and deaf children. They also lack respect and information about their special needs. Deaf people don’t have access to the same rights like the others and their voices are being unheard. The attitudes towards them have been slowly changing. For example now the president and the parliament of Costa Rica have been putting more weight on to create laws and regulations to help people with special needs.

The beginning of my interest towards special education started at early age. When I was about ten years old I made friends with a deaf boy. That boy had a strong impact on me. He was as old as my nephew at that time and through those two boys I also was able to compare them. I was strongly affected when I realized that the deaf boy couldn’t communicate properly in the school, he was not able to develop himself and generally he didn’t have the same possibilities to learn than the other children. Just because he was deaf and the education wasn’t prepared for that.

Later on I got to know more deaf people. For me again affected strongly that people who are intelligent, who have all the potential and abilities to do everything are being ignored. They are left aside just because they are deaf. Just because we haven’t created an educational system that let them to learn like the others. That is something really important.

I wouldn’t change my job for anything. Rather to say, I only want to make it even better. I really need to say that I love my job.”

“In San Jose the places I love most are the museums. Those are places that are clean, peaceful and everything have put on order. Museums also offer a great place to learn and explore something new. Also I enjoy the Mercado Central and Barrio Amón. Mercado Central is a place where we still can find something traditional and typical to our history. In Barrio Amón on the other hand is full of really beautiful old buildings and the architecture there is something incredible. I think we really need to protect areas like that in San Jose.

If I could have a chance to change something in San Jose, I would create a better infrastructure for recycling. In San Jose we have a lot of trash but we don’t really do anything for recycle. We really need to have an effective campaign to make this work. I would want to see more trash bins in the city, to get all the trash away from the streets, and make effort to get the city recycle more.”


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