Selling the news

mayo 28, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1292

Maria is 70 years old. She sells newspapers in the park near Teatro Nacional. She comes here almost every day to sell the latest news for the people passing by.

“I have been selling newspapers here for 12 years. My son bought this place originally and after he died I have been here ever since. Before this I was working in different houses for helping people.

I was born in San Rafael de Heredia but we moved to San Jose with my parents when I was just a little. I think that San Jose is much safer nowadays. Earlier I felt that I was alone while I was working here, but now there’s more police and more security.

I’m grateful that I’ve this work. It’s important to help people if they don’t have a job, just to help them… And I really like the area where I am living in San Jose. There is always so much friendly people and everyone is taking good care of the kids.“


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