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marzo 20, 2015 • Arte y Cultura, Ciudad, Tendencias • Views: 1657

Yara is a craft designer. She have been working for years with artisans to popularize and promote local craftwork in San Jose.

“I have dedicated myself to design for over twenty years now. Originally – however – I worked as a psychoanalyst. Later when I made myself familiar with designing I actually felt that there were something in common in designing and discourses of psychoanalysis.

When I started working with local designers and local artisans people thought that I was crazy. They were thinking that there was no sense with working with local craftsmen – nobody would be interested about local products. But eventually the local products got a really good reception. I think my work for promoting national products and promoting local artisans has done a good impact and has really been welcomed in the city. During the last years there has been something like a boom towards local artisans.

My work is my passion. I do this for love and passion for culture and artisans. I don’t think one can really work without having a passion for the thing one is doing. I used to work in a common job and was spending time in the office from nine to five. The work that I’m doing now is my passion and I wouldn’t change it for anything. This is the big chance that I wouldn’t have known to happen to me.

I originally arrived in San Jose when I was eight years old. At that time my mother decided to move more near the center of San Jose. From that moment until today I have understood that this city is the place that I’m passionate to and that I love. I work and live for the city of San Jose.

Barrio Amón is one of my favourite places. That is the place that I remember from my childhood. Barrio Amón is one of the places where I think you can find the true spirit of San Jose. These are also the places where people are creating new ideas and provoking new things to happen. At this moment I don’t like that much areas near the Avenue 12. There is more criminality, homelessness and generally just trash. If there would be a possibility I think that this area could be changed. With adding some culture, music, colors… I think it could be changed for something wonderful.

I wouldn’t move anywhere from San Jose. I’m going to stay here, with stubbornness. If I could have more impact on the city I would invest more in culture and create co-operation with all the different people who work for cultural activities. I would work for this vision of San Jose that is more fresh, more active, more modern, more clean and first of all filled with energy. This is something that we have already been working for a lot – and this is something that could be reality already.

Need to say – this is also something that the municipality hasn’t really showed enough support. This is something for the city and for the citizens. This is the case where we need to change our point of view. It’s really important that the people here understand that culture is something that eventually changes the whole country.”


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