Poets in the park

mayo 18, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1339

Luis is from San Jose. He patrols in the parks near Parque Morazán and Barrio La California and creates poetry. He is homeless. He tries to earn some money by reading his poems to the people spending time in the parks.

“I could say that I’m an artist. I create poems and I perform these to the people here. I have been creating poetry just for me at least twenty-five years before I decided I was ready to go in public. During the last few years I have been performing my poems for the other people as well. I love poetry, but basically I do this also to get something to eat. Now I’m living here on the streets.

If I got the chance to read my poems to the people, they normally receive these pretty well. My part in the city is not easy… but I have been like a pioneer in my kind of a way! I would like to see the people to stop more, think about what they see and bring some more poetry and culture into their lives.”


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