Orange juice and coconuts

junio 10, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados, Gastronomía / San Jose Eats • Views: 2228

Anibal sells fresh orange juice for the people passing by. During the nights he works in a restaurant.

“I work quite a lot but I wouldn’t change what I’m doing. I sell orange juice and coconuts during the day and work in a restaurant during the night. Every morning I buy some oranges from the market, come here to walk along the street and sell fresh juice for the people.

I’m Nicaraguan and originally from Matagalpa. I came to Costa Rica 13 years ago and for the last 12 years I have been living in San Jose, working as a salesman and preparing the juice. Nowadays in Costa Rica it’s harder to find a job than it was earlier. And of course, some things are always a bit harder when you are a foreigner.

It makes me happy that people take my work so well. They really love to buy the juice and I’m lucky to support my family with this. I need to say that I really like what I’m doing.”


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