Musicians without eyesight

junio 4, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1305

Miguel and Flor are street musicians. They are both blind and playing the music in San Jose almost every day.

“We are musicians. We started at very young age and he had learned how to play also in the school. I never went to school… Now I’m already 74 years old and we have been playing music here in San Jose for more than 26 years. We like to play music around this area because there are always quite a lot of people passing by.

I’m originally from Tucurrique and he’s from Guanacaste, but we have been here in San Jose for a very long time now. Honestly, we play here to make something for living… We are really poor so the music is our job. But we really feel that people enjoy hearing it.

Yes… He plays the guitar, I only have the maracas…”

“But she has the right rhythm for it!”


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