Lottery tickets for sale

marzo 31, 2015 • Ciudad • Views: 1528

Jorge sells lottery tickets in the Central Avenue with several other salespersons.

“I sell lottery tickets. I have been working in this same spot for over 15 years. In this area there are almost forty other people who sell the same tickets. We are all here to earn some money and in a kind of way competing with each other.

Working for this in Costa Rica is quite hard. It’s not easy to make any money because there are lot of people who gamble and also play illegal lottery («tiempos»). Until now I have been doing this to support my children who live in United States. I have also been thinking about leaving my work to move there, to live closer to them.

I like San Jose. I was born in here. My favourite part of the city is just here very near, in Parque Central. I think the city is beautiful, peaceful and there is always a lot of different people to meet.”


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