Harpist and Colombian

marzo 12, 2015 • Arte y Cultura, Ciudad, Destacados, Opinión • Views: 1559

I heard some music and I got to know Edgar. He is a fiftythree-year-old Colombian who plays traditional arpa llanera in San Jose.

“I arrived to San Jose originally five years ago. I moved here because both of my daughters live here. I’m a musician and I play arpa llanera. Arpa llanera is a string instrument traditional to the areas of Venezuela and Colombia. I have played arpa llanera for more or less thirty years now.

Since I was little I have always loved music. When I was eventually introduced to harp – I fell totally in love with the instrument. I like my job and I’m satisfied with what I’m doing. Also the people in Costa Rica has taken my position well. They love the music and I have been accepted here completely.

I really love the areas in the center of San Jose. The people from all over the world walks through the center. That means that at the same time it also gives you the chance to get familiar with the rest of the world. I like the possibility to meet all the different people. I don’t like that much the surrounding areas of the city. I feel that these areas are pretty unsafe. But the center. I really love.

I’m a Colombian but if I could decide a little… San Jose should support arts more.”



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