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  • junio 10, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados, Gastronomía / San Jose Eats • Views: 2324

    Orange juice and coconuts

    Anibal sells fresh orange juice for the people passing by. During the nights he works in a restaurant. “I work quite a lot but I wouldn’t change what I’m doing. I sell orange juice and coconuts during the day and work in a restaurant...

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  • junio 4, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1394

    Musicians without eyesight

    Miguel and Flor are street musicians. They are both blind and playing the music in San Jose almost every day. “We are musicians. We started at very young age and he had learned how to play also in the school. I never went to...

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  • mayo 28, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1389

    Selling the news

    Maria is 70 years old. She sells newspapers in the park near Teatro Nacional. She comes here almost every day to sell the latest news for the people passing by. “I have been selling newspapers here for 12 years. My son bought this place...

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  • mayo 18, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1435

    Poets in the park

    Luis is from San Jose. He patrols in the parks near Parque Morazán and Barrio La California and creates poetry. He is homeless. He tries to earn some money by reading his poems to the people spending time in the parks. “I could say that...

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  • marzo 31, 2015 • Ciudad • Views: 1619

    Lottery tickets for sale

    Jorge sells lottery tickets in the Central Avenue with several other salespersons. “I sell lottery tickets. I have been working in this same spot for over 15 years. In this area there are almost forty other people who sell the same...

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  • marzo 27, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1759

    Guardian of the cars

    Doña Marta works near the Casa Amarilla. She guards cars that are parked along the street. “I have been working in this same spot near this building for 18 years. I guard cars and sell revenue stamps. My work is rather hard for me. I...

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  • marzo 23, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 2017

    Granizados in the park La Sabana

    Giovanni sells flavoured snow cones in the park La Sabana. “I have been selling granizados during forty years now. I like this job. In this park there are sellers who have been doing this for even longer time than me. Just there quite...

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  • marzo 20, 2015 • Arte y Cultura, Ciudad, Tendencias • Views: 1747

    Popularizer of the artisans

    Yara is a craft designer. She have been working for years with artisans to popularize and promote local craftwork in San Jose. “I have dedicated myself to design for over twenty years now. Originally – however – I worked as a...

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  • marzo 17, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados, Opinión • Views: 1550

    Voice for the deaf

    Yesel is a professor. She works in a school for deaf children and also in the University of Costa Rica. She is specialized in special education. “I have worked as a professor in the school for deaf children and children with disabilities...

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  • marzo 12, 2015 • Arte y Cultura, Ciudad, Destacados, Opinión • Views: 1649

    Harpist and Colombian

    I heard some music and I got to know Edgar. He is a fiftythree-year-old Colombian who plays traditional arpa llanera in San Jose. “I arrived to San Jose originally five years ago. I moved here because both of my daughters live here....

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