Alien in San Jose

marzo 4, 2015 • Ciudad, Destacados • Views: 1740

Welcome to observe San Jose with the eyes of a stranger!

I kept thinking where should I start from. So I decided to start where so many people before me have started and from the exact place where have I ended up spending my day so many times before. Forget the cool places with hipstamatic pictures. I’m going to Teatro Nacional.

Like many people know, Teatro Nacional is one of the most famous and most beautiful buildings in San Jose. It’s also one of the city’s tourist hotspots and one of the best places to observe other people. From here you can find tourists and travelers from all over the world. You will also run into a great variety of people trying to sell you stuff, a hoard of pigeons and a vibrant city full of life.

My way of observing Teatro Nacional is to grab some of the traditional batidos from nearby cafeterias (batidos with banana is for the ones with patience since your straw is going to get glocked all the time), sit as near to the fence of the Gran Hotel’s Cafeteria as possible (for the free wifi), take out my book and wait until the city comes spend some time with me. Never has it taken long here before someone came up to talk to me.

Let me introduce to you the first stranger that I’ve met here today.


Sergio is a man who sells lollipos in front of the Teatro Nacional. He arrives to San Jose everyday walking to sell people some candies. He has work as a chef since 2010 but now he needs to get some money by selling lollipops. He explains that people perceive his work rather difficult. He highlights though that selling chupas is something that he have to do to survive – that he wouldn’t end up to live on the streets. He would like to find some other work to do in the future. His favorite area in San Jose can be found around Parque Morazan but he would avoid Coca-Cola station because of all the drugs it offers.



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