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Urban experiences in San Jose


ChepeCletas was established in 2010, we wanted to change the way people see and think about San Jose. We wanted to show and share our city as we knew it.

We started with public walks and public bike night rides around San José (we still do): Just a few friends at the beginning and more than 20,000 friends today.

San Jose («Chepe») is a unique city, with lots of hidden amazing spots, interesting history, great traditional street food, cantinas (traditional pubs), parks, nature, architecture, unique characters, and much more.

We have walked, danced, tasted and biked with thousands of people from different countries during more than 7 years. We create experiences for Costa Ricans and friends from all over the world.

We want to share our city as we know it, as we love it. We want to walk, bike, taste and love San Jose/Chepe with you.


This is how we want to show you our city / Urban experiences by ChepeCletas:

Chepe Hideaways

  • 2-hour tour – on foot
  • Year round: any time between 8am – 6pm
  • Suitable for everyone

San José, capital of Costa Rica, is a city full of history, interesting characters, and hidden spots. In The SJ Hideaways Tour by ChepeCletas you can discover cultural spots and parks, streets and boulevards, coffee shops, food markets and more.


Food Markets of San Jose

  • 2-hour tour – on foot
  • Monday – Saturday: 9am – 3pm
  • Suitable for everyone

Central Market, Meat Market and Borbón Market are 3 of the main food markets of San Jose. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, “cantinas”/pubs, eateries, vinyl records, cassettes, magazines, crafts, herbs, love potions and much more are present in different stalls and shops along narrow alleys, full of smells and flavors.

Central Market is the oldest market in town, full of characters and history; Meat Market has… yes, meats, but also a traditional and picturesque “cantina” (pub) at the end of the hall and Borbón Market has lots of fresh vegetables and fruits but also an interesting vintage store where you can find vinyl records, cassettes, magazines, books and more. Together Central, Meat and Borbón Market will show you the essence of San José, what we eat, what we do and what we love.


Guaro and Cantinas of Chepe (traditional pub/dive bar tour)

  • 2.5-hour tour – on foot
  • Monday – Saturday: 11am – 5pm
  • Rated R (18+ years)

Guaro is the traditional liquor of Costa Rica, made from sugarcane by the National Liquor Factory since 1856. Guaro is best enjoyed in a traditional cantina (traditional pub), a place famous for its friendly bohemian atmosphere.

Let’s immerse in the cantinas’ atmosphere and history while we discover different spots of San José in an interesting walk around downtown San José.

Chepe Bike’around

  • 2-hour bike ride
  • Year round: any time between 8am – 6pm
  • 12+ years
  • Bike included

An exciting ride around the city on two wheels, bring your sneakers and adventure mode on. We will discover unique spots, faster. Alert! Only for city chaos lovers…

Wednesday Night Free Bike Tour

Every Wednesday, we do a free tour in San José, different every week, and designed on the moment !
Come ride with us, we meet at 7pm at parque España.

*Urban bike rental for individuals or groups available upon request ($10).

Experiences for schools, institutes, universities and companies:

We have been working with teachers and students from primary schools, high schools, institutes, academies and universities from Costa Rica, USA, Canada and other countries. We have walked around San Jose with hundreds of students to show them San Jose the way we know it.

We have also walked with teams from many companies, embassies, media and institutions from Costa Rica and many other countries. We’d love to share our beloved city with you and you company members and customers.




Edificio Correos - Mauro set 2015




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